Study Abroad Advisor

The University of Mississippi
University/Oxford, Mississippi
Jul 25, 2022
Aug 24, 2022
Position Type
Adviser / Advisor
Employment Type
Organization Type
College / University

Definition of Class

This position advises students on guidelines and options for study abroad and recruits students for study abroad programs. The incumbent maintains the study abroad website, participates in activities for outgoing and incoming study abroad students, and assists in scheduling social activities for students upon returning from the University’s overseas programs.

Examples of Work Performed

  • Stays abreast of all study abroad programs, application materials, and requirements for participation.
  • Advises students about appropriateness of study abroad programs to their academic plan and assists them by accessing materials from the Study Abroad library and the Internet.
  • Maintains records in the Study Abroad library and website, completes purchase orders, files brochures, books, and flyers, and makes sure that the materials are up to date.
  • Assists with the management and maintenance of the study abroad web site.  
  • Answers questions from participants of the programs via the Internet and provides information and advice to students as necessary.
  • Maintains program information on the study abroad website and assists with the creation of printed materials.
  • Schedules meetings to discuss information about the programs.  
  • Assists with the the Study Abroad Fair and other recruitment activities.
  • Recruits potential students and faculty by maintaining a table during orientation sessions and other events.
  •  Speaks to small groups and/or classes about study abroad opportunities.
  • Performs similar or related duties as assigned or required.

Essential Functions

These essential functions include, but are not limited to, the following. Additional essential functions may be identified and included by the hiring department.

  1. Advises students about study abroad opportunities and completion of necessary forms.
  2. Assists in the maintenance and organization of the Study Abroad Library and website.
  3. Assists in the development of study abroad publicity campaigns and fairs.


Minimum Education/Experience


Bachelor’s Degree from a college or university and successful participation in a Study Abroad Program.


Six (6) months experience as related to the above-described duties.


Substitution Statement:
Related experience may be substituted for education, on a basis set forth and approved by the Department of Human Resources.