Exceptional Student Services Support Facilitator

State of Louisiana
Baton Rouge, LA
Aug 02, 2022
Aug 08, 2022
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The LA School for the Deaf is accepting applications for an


The Louisiana Special Schools do not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in our programs and activities, and we provide equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Inquiries regarding non-discrimination may be referred to Santa Patterson, Human Resources Director at spatterson@lsdvi.org .

RELEASE OF ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION INFORMATION: La. R.S. 17:3884(D) requires that any school board wishing to hire a person who has been assessed or evaluated pursuant to the Children First Act, La. R.S. 17:3871, et seq., whether that person is already employed by that school system or not, shall request such person's assessment and evaluation results as part of the application process. Please be advised that, as part of the mandated process, your previous assessment and evaluation results will be requested. You have the opportunity to apply, review the information received, and provide any response or information you deem appropriate.

Physical Activity Level:

The employee must be able to perform assigned duties without significant risk of substantial harm to his/her own safety/security and the safety/security of others. Some work is performed in physically comfortable positions with little or light physical effort, and some work requires moderate effort. Lifting thirty to forty pounds may be required and brief periods of heavy muscular exertion may be required. Interpreting/and transliterating, and teaching visually impaired students, require extended use of the upper body muscles and fine motor movements of the hands. Physical requirements are subject to reasonable accommodation in accordance with ADA standards.

There is no guarantee that everyone who applies to this posting will be interviewed. Specific information about this job will be provided to you in the interview process, should you be selected.

No Civil Service test score is required in order to be considered for this vacancy. To apply for this vacancy, click on the "Apply" link above and complete an electronic application which can be used for this vacancy as well as future job opportunities. Applicants can check the status of their application at any time by selecting the 'Application Status' link after logging into their account.

Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of a completed application. You must include all relevant education and experience on your official State application.

Applicants qualifying based on college training or receipt of a baccalaureate degree will be required to submit an official college transcript to verify credentials claimed prior to appointment. Please make every effort to attach a copy of your transcript to your application. The transcripts can be added as an attachment to your online application or faxed to (225) 763-5523. The selected candidate will be required to submit original documentation upon hire. Qualifications
  • A valid Louisiana teacher's certificate with certification in Special Education or Deaf Education; possession and presentation of Conference of Executives of American Schools for the Deaf/Council on Education of the Deaf (CEASD/CED) certification will satisfy the Louisiana requirement for the Deaf Education certification. Must acquire HI certification within three years of hire date.
  • A Master's degree from an accredited institution.
  • A minimum of three (3) years of teaching experience in Special Education or a related field and knowledge of interpreting evaluation reports and procedures utilized in developing an IEP.

Job Concepts

Program Management Responsibilities
  • Implement school system policies and school philosophy and programs.
  • Exhibit knowledge of special education rules and regulations associated with implementation of state and federal laws.
  • Exhibit understanding of children with handicaps and their needs, especially the deaf and hearing impaired children served by the school; demonstrate awareness of specialists, agencies, and organizations that serve children with disabilities and their families.
  • Demonstrate appropriate and effective office management skills such as planning, organizing and implementing.
  • Exercise good judgment in making decisions.
  • Maintain complete and accurate records and exercise confidentiality of information in accordance with requirements of the law.
  • Apply knowledge and skills of program supervision demonstrating appropriate and effective interpersonal skills.
  • Establish and maintain contact with school personnel for the purpose of discussing and implementing techniques of working with children/students and their families
  • Maintain a positive relationship with professional associates, the community, the parents of the students and state and local agencies.
  • Use knowledge, skills, and understanding of emerging technologies and their use in enhancing student learning.
  • May serve as the Officially Designated Representative (ODR) in IEP meetings.
  • Serve as committee chair for CEASD accreditation process and participate on various other committees and staffings as appropriate or assigned.
  • Participate in school sponsored activities as a sponsor, advisor, and/or participant.

Programmatic Responsibilities
  • Provide direct services such as developing Individual Education Plans (IEP); in-service training and consultation concerning intervention strategies, referrals and follow-up;collecting and compiling data as needed for the department, district, state, and federal reports; assisting school staff in crisis intervention.
  • Serve as a facilitator at IEP conferences and as a liaison between schools, other agencies and evaluation teams to arrange for placement of children.
  • Provide information and referral services for student and family to other community resources.
  • Advocate for students with appropriate personnel and/or agencies.
  • Provide training to staff on IEP development and work closely with the Department of Education to stay abreast of changes in IEP protocol.
  • Participate in special education eligibility determination and IEP staffing, when appropriate.
  • Work with LSD the district and other community stakeholders reviewing data from multiple sources to establish challenging standards, monitor progress, and foster the continuous growth of the students.
  • Implement, develop, and monitor relevant research findings and strategies for using data to develop and maintain the district and school vision.
  • Use data management and monitoring knowledge and skills to maintain focus on developing learning experiences that will enable students to prosper in subsequent grades and as adults.
  • Identify, monitors and manage essential elements of the district/school data systems such as: connecting data across key databases using student IDs; measuring student growth using student-level enrollment, demographic and program participation information technology to match individual students' test records year to year; examining information on untested students and the reasons why they were not tested; matching teachers to students using data information; gathering and studying student-level transcript information, college readiness test scores, graduation data; etc.

Professional Conduct
  • Demonstrate reliability and punctuality in attendance and in meeting obligations.
  • Exhibit professional ethics.
  • Exhibit initiative and recognize and follow established communication channels.
  • Exhibit a willingness to accept and use suggestions for improvement.
  • Use time effectively.
  • Attend faculty, staff, administrative and professional meetings as evidenced by attendance.
  • Attend in-service workshops as mandated by local policies or legislative acts as evidenced by attendance.
  • Keep abreast of advances in the area of IEP development and inform other appropriate school personnel.
  • May be required to develop and implement a Professional Growth Plan in consultation with the designated supervisor.
  • May be required to complete a self-evaluation.
  • Maintain an appropriate student-adult relationship and respect the individual worth and dignity of each student.
  • Demonstrate effective expressive and receptive sign language skills.
  • Perform other duties and assume other responsibilities as assigned.

Examples of Work

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