Dwight Blended Student Coordinator

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New York City, NY
Aug 02, 2022
Aug 16, 2022
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Job Description: Dwight Blended Student Coordinator

Position Overview

The Dwight Blended Student Coordinator is responsible for ensuring a positive experience for students taking courses at Dwight Global (DG) and Dwight New York (DNY), and assists in coordination of students taking courses at DG from other Dwight campuses.

A leader and ambassador for the Blended Program on campus at DNY, the Coordinator develops relationships with blended students and parents as well as administrators, faculty, and staff in both programs. The Coordinator should be knowledgeable about program offerings, be a master problem-solver and relationship-builder, and able to adeptly share the benefits as well as procedures and policies across the Dwight Schools. Though they may have roles in multiple Dwight campuses, the individual reports to the Dwight Global Associate Head of School in the Dwight Blended Coordinator role.

A time release and stipend will be given.

The ideal candidate:
  • Is deeply entrenched at Dwight New York and excited about Dwight Global.
  • Recognizes that there are complexities which occur when students take classes across multiple campuses, and strives for a seamless experience for students.
  • Is enthusiastic about the overall mission of the program as well as the details which come into play in executing it.
  • Acknowledges that when a program is growing, structures, policies, and procedures may need to be adapted to grow with it.
  • Enjoys working in an environment that sometimes requires invention and problem-solving and approaches this work with optimism and joy.
  • Takes ownership of facilitating smooth coordination between DG, DNY, and other Dwight campuses on blended student issues.

Requirements and responsibilities

Overseeing all aspects of Blended Students’ academic and extracurricular experience at DG and DNY, the Dwight Blended Coordinator serves as primary point of contact and chief liaison with students, parents, administration, faculty, and staff at DNY and DG.

  • Student Academic Experience:
    • Assists with course selection for Blended Students and for DG students taking courses at DNY
    • Facilitates registration students for courses at DG and DNY as needed
    • Ensures that students are able to access and participate in courses, and that they are aware of available resources for learning support. This includes holding an orientation at the beginning of the school year.
    • Works with DNY scheduling and other personnel to ensure DNY students taking online courses on campus have supervision as well as an appropriate location
    • Arranges location and supplies resources needed for taking exams, including securing space and proctors (should serve as a proctor where possible)
    • Arranges locations and supervision for DG students who ask to study on the DNY campus
    • Monitors Blended Student progress in DG courses and DG student progress in DNY courses and meets with students to discuss expectations, processes, and time management skills as appropriate
    • Works with DNY and DG personnel to facilitate ad hoc on-campus visits by DG students as appropriate
    • Conducts regular check ins with students and parents (in-person and by email, phone, Zoom)

  • Student Extracurricular Experience:
    • Ensures that Blended Students are aware of extracurricular opportunities at DG and that DG students are aware of extracurricular opportunities at the DNY including on-campus clubs, sports, events, etc.
    • Facilitates registration for on-campus activities and extracurriculars
    • Coordinates Spark Socials (in-person events) for Blended Students and DG students based in New York City (ex. Movie night, Central Park meet-up, etc)

  • Liaising with DNY and DG Personnel:
    • Serves as a resource, answering questions that DNY personnel have about DG and that DG personnel have about DNY
    • Follows policies for placing students in courses at both schools showing knowledge of prerequisites and approval processes
    • Reports grades in line with each school’s calendar
    • Assists with making new DG courses available to DNY students as appropriate
    • Answers questions and/or addresses issues which arise related to Blended Students taking courses at DG or DG students taking courses at DNY
    • Attend dean and staff meetings at DG and at DNY as needed

  • Other Dwight campuses
    • Serves as a resource, answering questions that personnel have about DG and that DG personnel have about programs on other campuses
    • Track progress of students taking Dwight Global classes from other Dwight campuses
    • Coordinate and report back to other Dwight school administrators as needed

  • Record Keeping:
    • Develops and and maintains effective systems for record-keeping including a master list of blended students and essential information

Pamoja Site Based Coordinator
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge about Pamoja course offerings and procedures
  • Take the Pamoja online orientation course
  • Work with school faculty members to make Pamoja courses available to students, as appropriate
  • Register students for Pamoja courses
  • Liaise with the school’s business office to arrange for payment of Pamoja tuition
  • Serve as liaison with Pamoja teachers, coordinators, and administration
  • Hold a meeting with each student enrolled in a Pamoja course to discuss expectations and process
  • Monitor students’ progress in Pamoja courses, and reach out if students show a lack of engagement in the course; escalate issues to school administration as necessary
  • Arrange for mock exams, including securing space and proctors (should be a proctor where possible)
  • Work with school’s IB coordinator to arrange for Pamoja students to take IB exams
  • Arrange for reporting of grades in line with the school’s calendar
  • Maintain records of Pamoja students
  • Handle any other questions or issues which arise related to Pamoja courses

Additional Duties
  • While primary job descriptions are detailed above, it should be recognized that the Coordinator may be asked to take on additional tasks at times, and that the duties of the position will evolve over time.

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