Student Services Coordinator

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Joliet Public Schools District 86
Joliet, IL
Aug 05, 2022
Aug 09, 2022
Position Type
Employment Type
Organization Type
College / University
POSITION: Student Services Coordinator for Special Education
POSITION GUIDE: Certified Personnel
Twelve (12) Months

FUNCTION: Special Services Coordinator for Special Education will plan, develop, articulate and supervise Special Education Programs under delegated authority from the Assistant Superintendent for Student Services.

The information contained in this job description is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and is not an exhaustive list of the duties performed for this position. Additional duties performed by the individual holding this position may be assigned.

REPORTS TO: Assistant Superintendent for Student Services

RELATES TO: Administration Staff
Assistant Principals
Classroom Teachers
Educational Support Personnel
Parents and Community Groups

Teachers of Special Education Program
Special Education Paraprofessionals

Related Staff

A. or M.S. in Education
Valid State of Illinois Professional Educator License with General Administrative and LBSI Endorsement, General Administrator or Principal or Teacher Leader
Minimum of three (3) years experience in Special Education
Knowledge of legislation, codes and regulations affecting Special Education
Autism Background in ABA / and TEACCH method
Thorough familiarity of State standards, texts, and materials used in all Special Education Classrooms
Competence in a variety of research based teaching methodologies, and assessments related to Autism Spectrum Disorders
Demonstrated capabilities in leadership and academic competency

Provide continuing supervision of Special Education instructional staff within their buildings.
Responsibilities include:
a) Employment of staff
b) Evaluation of teaching performance
c) Placement of students
d) Development and implementation of curriculum
e) Program planning/budgeting
f) Budget monitoring
g)Monitoring the operation of Special Education Programs according to Federal, State, and District rules and regulations.
Chair all annual reviews insuring appropriate IEP's are developed and implemented in a timely
Develop plans for program implementation in assigned Special Education Department.
Schedule annual reviews in cooperation with all program coordinators.
Notify parents, teachers, principals and all related staff of specific annual reviews.
Participate and coordinate with principals in the intake process of Special Education students.
Initiate and coordinate an active recruitment program to assure the employment of qualified and certified staff.
Monitor the development and management of all IEP's for assigned buildings.
Follow up recommendations by processing all necessary forms.
Complete student rosters for coming year and meet with Special Education teachers to discuss expectations, policies and procedures.
Meet on regular basis with all staff to insure program efficiency and consistency.
Develop and implement a program of professional growth activities designed to improve and expand the competencies of the instructional staff in their program areas.
Maintain communication with colleges and universities affiliated with Special Education Teacher education and training programs.
Coordinate and assign all student teachers to appropriate classrooms as requested by cooperating colleges and universities.
Define, establish and modify policies and procedures for the operation of those programs in their area.
Maintain and disseminate current information regarding rules, regulations and legislation related to Special Education.
Coordinate staff efforts to maintain guidelines in each of the areas assigned.
Submit reviews of each program to the Assistant Superintendent for Student Services.
Attend all Special Services Departmental Supervisor's meetings.
Communicate with community organizations.
Serve on a community organization committee.
Participate, develop and implement the Special Education

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