AST DIR, International Programs

University of Florida
Alachua County, FL
Sep 26, 2022
Oct 20, 2022
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Internship / Student
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College / University
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AST DIR, Academic Support Svcs


Collaborates with the Director and Associate Directors of the International Programs in recruiting and advising students who wish to participate in study abroad programs.

Study abroad advising
  • Meets with students during half-hour appointments to discuss study abroad options
  • Assists students with application procedures for sponsored and exchange programs
  • Conducts and support pre-departure orientations as assigned

  • Supports and attends recruiting events to promote International Programs (Study abroad fair, Bus Bash)
  • Attends student organization meetings to promote study abroad
  • Develops print and online marketing materials
  • Oversees social media marketing
  • Schedules and holds study abroad information sessions in conjunction with student ambassadors
  • Collaborates with UFIC advisors to oversee marketing of HSB programs and manage applications

Collaborates with the Director and Associate Directors in the administration of international programs
  • Development
  • Participates in the evaluation of the programs
  • Provides recommendations to enhance the format and execution of the programs
  • Conducts international site visits and program reviews
  • Exports and analyzes Warrington Welcome survey (GEB 2015) results to identify trends
  • Administration
  • Helps prepare pre-departure guides and other instructional materials for students
  • Assesses and updates equivalency database to ensure it is current
  • Reviews exchange programs curriculum and regularly locates new equivalencies
  • Regularly reviews all IP websites for accuracy and makes updates when needed
  • Monitors and conducts weekly audits of applicants
  • Develops systematic communication to students about their application status and missing items
  • Assists the Associate Directors in the management of sponsored and exchange programs
  • Registers outgoing study abroad students for courses and makes advising notes
  • Processes transcripts and adjusts degree audits
  • Creates International Programs Canvas shells and updates checklist
  • Prepares timely reports/spreadsheets for distribution to the Director, UFIC and international partners
  • Coordinates schedules and calendars for International Programs
  • Assists as reviewer for Warrington and International Center scholarships
  • Volunteers in review committees for international scholarships
  • Assists with collecting, exporting, and formatting program evaluation data

Manages International Programs Student Ambassadors (IPSAs)
  • Leads and supports the International Program Student Ambassadors (IPSAs), a student organization of

approximately 45 students. IPSAs have all studied abroad and are trained to assist students

on study abroad preparation.
  • Supervises the IPSA application and recruitment process
  • Conducts thorough training to ensure continued development of program knowledge and peer

advising strategies
  • Schedules and attends regular meetings for planning and professional development
  • Helps IPSA's develop promotional events and projects
  • Liaises with HSB IP staff and IPSA leadership to target key areas for IPSA participation
  • Provides mentoring and personal/professional advice to IPSA members
  • Develops events and retreats for IPSAs to encourage team-building, enhance public speaking

skills and communication among the members
  • Identifies areas of growth for program and strategies for achievement
  • Evaluates and provides feedback to individual IPSA members

Collaborates with other units to promote internationalism
  • Teaches GEB 2015 - Intro to Business Welcome Summer B and/or Fall semesters