Regional Vice President/Director of Admissions

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Ross Education, LLC
Warren, MI
Nov 05, 2022
Dec 07, 2022
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Vice President
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Job Summary

The RVP/Regional Director of Admissions works under the direction of the VP of Admissions. The Regional Director of Admissions develops the skills of the Admissions team and oversees outcomes at the campuses in his/her region. He/She will also support other regions as needed. The Regional Director of Admissions ensures the Admissions Department uses best practices, meets customer service standards and follows compliance requirements. The Regional Director of Admissions is fully responsible for the goals of their region.

This position can be worked in person (not remote) from any of our Metro Detroit or Western Michigan campuses.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Communicating daily with the Assistant Directors of Admissions/Admissions Representatives in the assigned region.

Providing daily feedback regarding region/campus performance to the VP of Admissions.

Communicating regularly with other Regional Directors of Admissions to compare best practices, campus Admissions activity and training schedules.

Driving performance of campuses and admissions teams assigned to their region, this includes productivity, admissions efficiency and goals.

Training conducted consistently with their campuses and Admissions teams using only Ross approved training manuals or resources.

Insuring all data and information entered by campuses and Admissions personnel during the student admissions process is accurate and follows Ross guidelines.

Insuring admissions personnel coverage during vacation, turnover or when requested.

Adhering to all compliance standards, Ross policies and Admissions guidelines and also insuring all campuses and Admissions personnel within the region follow these standards.
  • Is current on the regulatory changes in Admissions
  • Audits campuses on Admissions compliance and Admissions regulatory processes

Developing Assistant Director of Admissions/Admissions Representative skills through initial and ongoing training
  • Conduct new hire training on a regular basis in conjunction with the Admissions Trainer
  • Do follow up calls on a regular basis with Assistant Campus Director of Admissions/Admissions Representatives in their first 90 days of employment.
  • Provide opportunities for continuous training, formal and informal
  • Contribute to the development and improvement of training curriculum and materials

Monitoring current Assistant Director of Admissions/Admissions Representative practices
  • Conduct procedural audits including script use and data entry as notes on the Admissions Checklist
  • Sharing/Reporting information from the audits with Campus Directors and VP of Admissions
  • Provide feedback on audits to Assistant Campus Director of Admission/Admissions Representatives
  • Work with campuses to develop team solutions to improve performance
  • Job shadowing and observation

Monitoring/Overseeing/Leading Outcomes
  • Provide instant coaching
  • Work with Campuses on training needs to maintain and/or improve outcomes

Assist with Employment and Retention
  • Conduct interviews as needed
  • Be a mentor and leader to new employees

Working as an Assistant Campus Director of Admissions/Admissions Representative when needed
  • Developing Student Prospects
  • Orientation of New Students
  • Support of Students
  • Compliance
  • Product Knowledge
  • Gather and Report Statistical data

Exemplify Ross Customer Service Standards

Regional Vice President Director of Admissions

  • Bachelor's degree from an institution accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) preferred
  • 5+ years admissions or sales experience
  • Demonstrated leadership, communication and coaching skills
  • Ability to deliver classroom and one-on-one training
  • Ability to motivate and work with different teams in order to be quickly productive
  • Ability to provide objective assessment of individual and team performance
  • Knowledge of admissions practices and educational regulatory compliance
  • Understanding of ethical/professional business practices
  • Reference and background check required for employment, including credit check
  • Protection of student and/or employee privacy is expected in the handling of confidential and/or financial information.
  • Protection of the corporation and privacy of corporate proprietary and confidential information is expected
  • Must have sufficient visual and auditory ability to operate computer equipment, use telephone, read materials, and office equipment.
  • Professional communication encompasses written, oral, visual and digital communication. Successful communication skills are required for working at Ross and involve the following: writing, reading, editing, speaking, listening, software applications, data entry and reporting, and Internet research.
  • Desire to see others succeed
  • Ability to build rapport with students and staff
  • Ability to work with different teams
  • Ability to remain focused and adapt quickly in fast-paced work environment
  • Ability to achieve goals; We work to make our students successful and we measure that in our individual and team accomplishments
  • Strong attention to detail & accuracy, and commitment to quality
  • Ability to organize your work and meet deadlines
  • Demonstrate professionalism in manner, dress and conduct as a representative of Ross and a student mentor
  • Adhere to Ross Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics

This position could be worked from any Ross campus in Indiana, Detroit Metro or West Michigan. This is NOT a remote position.