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Remote Admissions Representative

Concorde Career Institute
Alton, TX, Working from home
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Feb 16, 2023

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The Remote Admissions Representative is responsible for the remote recruitment and enrollment of qualified students, and for providing continuing service to those students for the complete term of the Student Enrollment Agreement. All Concorde associates are required to display professionalism and uphold Concorde's Mission and the core values of respect for the individual, integrity, teamwork, customer service, and achievement.

  • Responsible for providing accurate information to and determining the acceptability of individuals making application to the school based upon the admissions criteria established by the school as outlined in the school catalog
  • Maintain a positive, professional, and businesslike manner to clients, students, and other personnel, at all times
  • Conduct remote prospective student interviews in accordance with the outline in the "Admissions Procedure Manual" or as directed by the Director of Admissions and/or Campus President
  • Must have enough current, accurate and good career knowledge to successfully market each career
  • Attend and participate in all regularly scheduled admissions meetings during designated shifts.
  • Responsible for a sufficient amount of phone work to accomplish the following:

a) Receiving and setting up appointments with incoming phone inquiries

b) Diligently following-up with appointment no shows to generate an appropriate number of interviews

c) Regular and consistent follow-up with enrolled students to ensure a good enrollment to start ratio

d) Become aware of any cancellations of enrollments, and report this information to the Director of Admissions immediately
  • Understands the position of Remote Admissions Representative is a non-commissioned, non-exempt hourly position
  • Submit any funds received from students, as payments for registration fee, tuition, or supplies, to the school on the date received
  • Use only such promotional material (catalogs, brochures, letters, etc.) as are provided to the Remote Admissions Representative and approved by the Campus President
  • Must agree to and abide by all Federal, State and Municipal laws, particularly those governing proprietary schools and adhere to all the standards and ethical practices as dictated by the school and accrediting/approval agencies
  • They do not disparage the character, nature, quality, value or scope of other schools, courses, or services
  • They do not demean or discriminate against any student because of sex, race, creed, color, or national origin
  • The Remote Admissions Representative shall not misrepresent, or in any manner whatsoever, exaggerate the nature of the school/institute, its accreditation, facility, programs, courses, expected out-come of training, salary expectations, etc., in any way, either directly, indirectly, implied or by omission. The Remote Admissions Representative will make all necessary disclosures to prospective students regarding the school policies, including the refund policy and provide current placement statistics. (If placement statistics are used during interview.)
  • Adhere to all Federal financial aid policies relating to admissions activities. Federal aid regulations prohibit representatives from:

a) Assisting prospective students in the completion of FFELP or FAFSA applications

b) Guiding prospective students to a participating lender

c) Promoting prospective students to apply for a FFELP loan

d) In addition, School policy prevents the Remote Admissions Representative from discussing any Title IV Financial Aid whatsoever, except as outlined in Appendix D

Understands and agrees to comply with all school policies and school catalog including but not limited to the below listed items:

a) The school does not permit any admissions personnel to become involved in any manner, with admissions testing or admissions decisions

b) The school does not use third party (non-employee) agents for any domestic student recruiting activities

c) The school ensures that no false or misleading statements about the school, its personnel, its training or its services are made

d) The school does not permit surveying or otherwise soliciting prospective students in or near welfare offices, unemployment lines, food stamp centers, homeless shelters, or other governmental buildings

e) Promises of employment, explicit or implicit are not made to prospective students

f) The school does not permit the payment of cash or other considerations to any student or prospective student as an inducement to enroll

g) The school does not permit any admissions personnel to discuss with nor assist prospective students in compiling information for or completing application forms for federal financial aid

h) The school does not use employment agencies for student recruitment

i) The school does not utilize direct surveys or surveyors to identify potential students

j) Every potential student receives a tour of the school's facilities prior to completing an enrollment agreement

k) No title other than admissions director, admissions representative or remote admissions representative is used by any admissions personnel

l) School personnel do not discredit other students in any manner
  • Accurately prepare, complete, and submit all required admissions documents and records in a timely manner
  • Provide each applicant with a complete catalog (including addendums) prior to signing an enrollment agreement
  • Follow only prescribed enrollment procedures authorized by the school
  • Must continually meet or exceed the criteria set forth by the Campus President or Director of Admissions regarding admissions activity, start expectations, cancellation, retention, and graduation rates, and the generation of student referrals
  • Understands the Admissions Policy and Procedures Manual, training manuals, admissions materials and promotional items are the property of the school/institute and must be returned to the Campus President upon termination of employment. Any reproduction of Concorde's manuals, student/prospective student information records or reproduction or possession of entrance tests, forms or answer keys is strictly prohibited
  • Performs other duties as directed by the Campus President or Director of Admissions

  • Sales experience required, preferably in a proprietary setting
  • 5+ years of experience in an Admissions role

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