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Director of International Programs

University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida
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Oct 12, 2023

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Director of International Programs

Job No: 528490

Work Type: Staff Full-Time

Location: Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)

Categories: Business/Accounting/Finance, Executive/Director/Management

Department: 17220500 - BA-UPO INTERNATIONAL

Job Description

Classification Title:

DIR, Academic Support Svcs

Job Description:

Grow Together. Grow Greater.

The University of Florida is one of America's leading research universities and the flagship university of the state of Florida. Located in Gainesville, Florida, UF has over 60,000 students studying and conducting research across 16 colleges and more than 190 research centers and institutes. The University of Florida has recently received a number of accolades highlighting its ongoing commitment to academic and employment excellence. This includes the naming The University of Florida the No. 1 public university in the country. This is a great recognition of our faculty's incredible work and our special community. We have also been named a Money magazine “5-star college” by landing a spot on Forbes' Best Large Employers list. Join our team, review our generous, and discover even more reasons why it's great to be a Florida Gator.

The Opportunity

The, Heavener School of Business is looking for the next Director of International Programs to manage The Director will report directly to the Assistant Dean,

The Director for International Programs at the Heavener School of Business creates, promotes, and manages study abroad opportunities for UF students and oversees the academic experience of visiting exchange students. They are knowledgeable of UF and Warrington College of Business academic and operational / administrative policies and often assists in the interpretation and implementation of new regulations affecting study abroad. They also works with other national and international academic institutions to insure outgoing/incoming students are prepared for the experience of studying abroad.The Director will have working contact with most UF offices and academic units. This includes regularly communicates with international partners in the 22 countries where HSB has agreements. In 2018-19, 591 undergraduates studied abroad: representing 50% of the 2018-19 graduating class of the college. They responsible for releasing payments to international partners and vendors and allocating sufficient funds for the operation of the International Programs, including salaries. In 2018-19, International Programs exceeded $3.3 million in revenues.

International Programs Department Strategy

The Director leads, directs, and manages the long-range strategic planning, operations, policies, and administrative direction of Heavener International Programs. They will manage the International Program (IP) portfolio, to include assessing the health of current programs, innovating, and improving existing programs. The Director conceptualizes new program formats, locations, and opportunities that strengthen the portfolio and Heavener School of Business's ability to reach more students and improve student learning outcomes.

The Director will formulate and administer the annual operating budget, including:

• Estimating budget requests related to IP operations.
• Coordinate, analyze, and provide summative data regarding financial transactions with international partners and UF's International Center (
• Analyze financial statements, cash flow, and individual programmatic costs to ensure overall program & departmental goals are met.
• Provide quarterly analysis to Assistant Dean and Director of Budgets & Logistics.

The Director will analyze student evaluations and utilize results to make recommendations to partners, improve programs and create new programs. They will collaborate with UF and international partners when emergencies occur that impact the safety of students. The Director will assess new partnerships beneficial to the mission of the college and its students. This includes continually enhancing registration protocols and student services for incoming and outgoing students through collaboration with the IP team.

The Director translates strategic and tactical business plans into department-specific operational plans. They make operational decisions within broadly defined parameters. These decisions require a high level of judgement and professional acumen. Deviations from university policy require approval of the Assistant Dean or the Dean.

The Director advises senior administrators in implementing programs, new initiatives, and special projects. They will develop the strategy and implementation of the student advising/recruiting activities of the International Programs. They lead and provide oversight for the international education programs and international experiential learning coursework and initiatives. This includes being responsible for ensuring that all programs and activities comply with university, state, and federal regulations (e.g., FERPA).

The Director serves on various university, division, and departmental committees and represents the department at various state and national associations. They are responsible for maintaining and supporting a working environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.

International Programs Department Communication

The Director is responsible for academic information and communication for the IP team as well as developing and maintaining partnerships throughout the University. They oversee communications, promotions, and public relations for the department in order to achieve departmental goals and objectives. They are expected to be available to faculty, advisors, UF personnel and students as a resource for international endeavors and opportunities. The IP team provides academic and study abroad advising to approximately 800 UF undergraduates every year. The Director participates in Pre-Departure and Re-Entry orientations.

International Programs Department Marketing

The Director is to develop and implement plans for outreach efforts. This includes developing and maintaining external community, college, and university liaisons to represent the department at meetings and events, as well as, to collaborate and partner with relevant constituents of international education. They will lead the development of marketing strategies for student recruitment to maintain and grow study abroad enrollment (this is likely to include collaboration with different WCB departments). This includes leading the collaborative design of events that allow interaction with students to promote study abroad and internationalization. The Director will collaborate with UF personnel to facilitate opportunities for undergraduates to incorporate study abroad in their academic plans.

International Programs Department Teaching & Evaluation

The Director will facilitate transcript evaluation and review for exchange programs, and relevant 3rd party providers. They will serve as the instructor on record for exchange programs as deemed necessary and appropriate (GEB4956). This includes grading (or establishing appropriate evaluation structure for) the assignments of GEB 4941 (Internship class) for relevant international programs. The Director will support the development and implementation of intercultural competency coursework into the UF Business Ready curriculum and initiative. This includes teaching, supporting, and/or guiding the implementation of preparatory coursework for the South Korea program, and additional programs with pre-requisite intercultural educational components. The Director will lead the development and implementation of the BABA: Global Business Scholars program (an academic and co-curricular cohort-based program).

International Program Management

The Director oversees the management of all Heavener sponsored programs in Dublin, London, Madrid, Rome, Paris, South Korea (summer semesters) and Europe (fall semesters). This includes to:

• Collaborate with international partners to create or enhance programming and academic content.
• Negotiate costs with international partners, as well as produce and manage program budgets.
• Oversee the administration of international exchange agreements.
• Write agreements and coordinate the implementation of the exchanges with UFIC.
• Develop a system and conduct routine program evaluation and innovation initiatives within International Programs.
• Develop new initiatives as needs analysis suggest, or as the culture and goals of the HSB necessitate.

Supervision and Staff Support

The Director will serve as the primary personnel resource for employees on the IP team. To this effect, the Director maintains the following job functions:

• Manage, direct, and lead IP team (two Associate Directors, one Assistant Director, study abroad advisors, and administrative support).
• Provide weekly one-on-one supervision to each direct report, provide routine feedback to help shape performance, aid in the authorship and pursuit of goals, conduct skip level meetings annually, provide coaching, training, mentorship, and additional support as needed.
• Set performance standards and accountability for the IP team.
• Responsible for recruiting, training, and development of the IP team to maintain a high performing, committed, engaged, and skilled IP team.
• Develop growth and development plans to maximize learning and development opportunities in order to improve team members' performance and address departmental skill gaps.

Additional Duties

• Support the Assistant Dean and the other directors of HSB in the development and implementation of our mission to serve the academic and professional needs of undergraduates.
• Provide the Associate Dean statistical and budgetary information for study abroad and International Programs.
• May teach Warrington Welcome (GEB 2015) classes summer B or fall semesters.
• Participate in scholarship committees.
• Participate in and lead position searches.
• Represent Warrington at UF's International Council and relevant conferences.
• Coordinate the nomination of WCB students for the International Student Awards.

The University of Florida

Located in Gainesville since 1906, The University of Florida (UF) has 16 colleges, a major academic health center, a championship winning athletic program, a top-ranked undergraduate online program and, in keeping with its land-grant mission, one of the nation's most comprehensive agriculture and natural resources programs. All are based at the University's 2,000-acre campus, joining its historic red-brick core with advanced facilities, preserved natural areas and connecting to adjacent innovative, commercial and residential districts. UF has 55,000 students, 30,000 employees, 5,500 faculty members, a $5 billion annual budget and more than 140 mission-focused units across the state of Florida. It is the Sunshine State's only member of the Association of American Universities comprising the nation's 60 leading public and private research universities. More than 51,000 students have applied as freshmen for the 2021-22 academic year — a new record. Several qualities distinguish UF among today's leading public research universities. The first is its highly comprehensive breadth on a single campus, facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration among, for example, faculty within the adjacent colleges of journalism, engineering, and medicine. The second is its unwavering support from the state of Florida, which has endorsed UF's drive to become one of the nation's very best public research universities — supporting those efforts since 2013 with hundreds of millions of dollars in additional funding to grow its faculty ranks by 500 members. UF's third exceptional quality is its dynamism. Like Florida, the nation's third-largest state and among the fastest growing, UF is undergoing rapid transformation as it pursues the overarching aspiration to be "a premier university that the state, nation and world look to for leadership.”

Gainesville is home to Florida's largest and oldest university, and so is one of the state's centers of education, medicine, cultural events, and athletics. The University of Florida and UF Health Shands Hospital are the leading employers in Gainesville and provide jobs for many residents of surrounding counties. Gainesville is also the largest city in Alachua County and is the county seat, with approximately 269,000 residents county-wide. It serves as the cultural, educational, and commercial center for the north central Florida region. The city provides a full range of municipal services, including cultural and nature services and necessary administrative services to support these activities. Additionally, the city owns a regional transit system, a regional airport, and a 72-par championship golf course. Gainesville's numerous parks, museums and lakes provide entertainment to thousands of visitors. Because of its beautiful landscape and urban "forest," Gainesville is one of the most attractive cities in Florida. The city is in a central location to both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, providing easy access within a day's drive to beaches, nature preserves, and water-based activities.

Expected Salary:

$85,000 - $92,500

Minimum Requirements:

Master's degree in an appropriate area and six years of relevant experience; or a bachelor's degree in an appropriate area and eight years of relevant experience.

Preferred Qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:

• Extensive experience in higher education study abroad programming.
• Working knowledge of Terra-Dotta, the software used by the International Center to track study abroad applicants and exchange agreements.
• Working knowledge of Campus Solutions (PeopleSoft), UF's systems for registration and academic advisement.
• Working knowledge of Microsoft Office products.
• Working knowledge of CANVAS, an E-Learning platform.

Competencies in the following areas:

Accountability: Proficiency Level 4

• Sets clear expectations of self and team.
• Keeps team focused on executing the priorities on which success will depend.
• Monitors personal and team activity against expectations.
• Handles performance issues and team barriers to success with assertiveness and determination.
• Advocates on behalf of the team within the company as a whole.
• Takes actions to ensure the success of the group, unit and company.

Emotional Intelligence: Proficiency Level 3

• Identifies non-verbal emotional indicators in others, their negative impact on results, and pursues action to mitigate them for improved success.
• Recognizes and helps regulate the language/relationship of emotions in the workplace, in addition to controlling one's own emotions.
• Describes the key benefits, costs and rationale for organizational pursuit and development of EI.
• Cites from experience the primary issues, considerations, challenges and ways to advance an organization's EI maturity.
• Explains best practices and rationale of organizations that successfully grow their EI capability.
• Describes personal experience with positive EI impact on relationships, performance and business results.

Coaching/Mentoring: Proficiency Level 3

• Analyzes patterns and identifies key areas for improvement of processes or results.
• Coaches one or several individuals or teams on a specific competency or subject area.
• Successfully coaches both superstars and problem performers.
• Monitors individual or team progress through feedback sessions.
• Contributes to the establishment of good coaching practices.
• Discusses alternative techniques for diagnosing and coaching individuals and teams.

Communication: Proficiency Level 3

• Communicates well downward, upward, and outward.
• Employs appropriate methods of persuasion when soliciting agreement; Maintains focus on the topic at hand.
• Adapts documents and presentations for the intended audience.
• Reviews others' writing or presentations and provides feedback and coaching.
• Demonstrates both empathy and assertiveness when communicating a need or defending a position.

Financial management: Proficiency Level 3

• Demonstrates in-depth knowledge of cost accounting and reporting practices, tools, and procedures.
• Provides build-buy-lease analyses for major expenditures.
• Documents financial interdependencies within the organization.
• Coaches others on how to quantify costs and benefits for major expenditures.
• Develops and applies cost/benefit analysis or ROI as part of business decisions.
• Explains cost/benefit analysis, financial analysis and modeling, organizational practices.

Political Savvy: Proficiency Level 3

• Builds win-win alliances and maintains a wide network of colleagues within the organization.
• Discusses objectives, key issues and priorities of related functions or departments.
• Accurately analyzes issues and determines who needs to be consulted or kept informed.
• Appropriately communicates short and long-term activities within own and other functions.
• Differentiates acceptable and unacceptable formats for communicating across functions.
• Recognizes and effectively addresses politically challenging situations.

Problem solving: Proficiency Level 4

• Gains agreement on the problem-solving process, risk assessment, decision points, and criteria.
• Predicts and explains long-term trends and implications for alternatives.
• Monitors industry for best practices and new techniques in problem-solving.
• Successfully organizes problem solvers and stakeholders for high-impact problems.
• Trains others in the process of eliciting alternatives and assessing their impact.
• Orchestrates the resolution of high-impact and cross-functional problems.

Resolve: Proficiency Level 3

• Demonstrates an ability to adapt to continuous change in work demands.
• Works cooperatively and capably with a wide variety of people.
• Shifts focus smoothly and quickly among activities.
• Maintains composure under pressure.
• Guides others to understand and accept change more readily.
• Defuses tensions that could result in adverse health or interpersonal outcomes.

Strategic thinking: Proficiency Level 4

• Positions the company in anticipation of new marketplace trends, opportunities, and vulnerabilities.
• Makes sound business decisions when faced with complex and contradictory alternatives.
• Develops long-term strategic alliances and partnerships that increase the company's competitive advantage.
• Equips the organization to become an effective long-term competitor.
• Prepares for business decisions with thorough briefings and consultations.
• Helps navigate the organization in a dynamic competitive landscape.

Talent selection: Proficiency Level 2

• Implements campaigns designed to attract talented individuals to the organization.
• Participates in assessing the competencies present in current members of the organization.
• Analyzes talent development needs and maintains a list of high-potential employees.
• Evaluates the competencies and personal attributes of prospective employees vs. desired qualities.
• Coordinates reward and recognition programs designed to retain desirable employees.

Role model: Proficiency Level 3

• Uses emotional contagion to affect the mood of group members, tone of group and group processes.
• Initiates structure: role clarification, setting standards, holding subordinates accountable, etc.
• Translates vision into specific functional or departmental initiatives.
• Uses a normative decision model (with leadership styles and situational variables) to select style.
• Employs various group decision-making methods depending on the situation.
• Promotes efficacy through monitoring, coaching & motivating subordinates, intervention, etc.

Transparency: Proficiency Level 3

• Models the highest ethical and business standards for the company.
• Builds trust with coworkers across organizational and functional boundaries.
• Ensures that individual and team actions build the organization's reputation for excellent business practices.
• Recommends changes to business practices, methods, and policies that would further promote transparency.
• Promotes a safe, equitable, respectful environment in which ethical concerns can be addressed effectively.
• Articulates potential positive and negative impacts on the business and community of company actions and practices.

Special Instructions to Applicants:

In order to be considered, you must upload the following:

• Cover letter
• Resume
• Minimum of three references
Application must be submitted by 11:55 p.m. (ET) of the posting end date.

Inquiries and nominations can be sent to Devan Brown, Talent Consultant with the Strategic Talent Group at

If an accommodation due to disability is needed to apply for this position, please call (352) 392-2477 or the Florida Relay System at (800) 955-8771 (TDD).

The University of Florida is an equal opportunity institution dedicated to building a broadly diverse and inclusive faculty and staff. The University of Florida invites all qualified applicants, including minorities, women, veterans and individual with disabilities to apply.

The University of Florida is a public institution and subject to all requirements under Florida Sunshine and Public Records laws. The “government in the sunshine” laws of Florida require that all documents relating to the search process, including letters of application/nomination and reference, be available for public inspection upon request.

Health Assessment Required:

Applications Close: 10 Oct 2023

To apply, visit

The University is committed to non-discrimination with respect to race, creed, color, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, marital status, national origin, political opinions or affiliations, genetic information and veteran status in all aspects of employment including recruitment, hiring, promotions, transfers, discipline, terminations, wage and salary administration, benefits, and training.

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