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Hanover, NH
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Dec 14, 2023

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Student & Scholar Services
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Assistant Director
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Seeking an Assistant Director of Student Services to work with the Director of Student Services to provide leadership of SAU 70's student service programs, including Special Education, Section 504, ESOL, etc. This position will ensure effective and high quality educational programs for students with disabilities and other needs that impact their learning experience. Position starts 7/1/2023, open until filled.

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Job Description Approved By: SAU 70


March 2023

General Purpose:

Work with the Director of Student Services to provide leadership of SAU 70's student service programs. Ensure effective and high quality educational programs for students with disabilities and other needs that impact their learning experience

Reports to:

Director of Student Services of SAU 70




Except as specifically noted, the following functions are considered essential to this position:

  • Oversee compliance and administration of programs and services for students with diverse learning needs, including students with disabilities (Special Education and Section 504)
  • Collaborate with Director of Student Services to assess and improve service delivery models and alignment of intervention/special education programs across schools
  • Provide expertise and support to school-based teams to assist in the special education evaluation process
  • Facilitate effective transition planning between schools for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and 504s
  • Provide guidance, coordination, and support to school teams working with complex student cases
  • Budget, procure and utilize accessible materials and assistive technologies for students with disabilities
  • Responsible for planning and oversight of Special Education Extended School Year staffing and the provision of services and programs
  • Act as the SAU Liaison for Homeless Students to ensure compliance with applicable laws and district policies and procedures.
  • Act as the district ESOL Coordinator to oversee district programs for English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and ensure compliance with applicable laws, district policies, procedures, and effective programs
  • Collaborate with Director of Student Services to assist building principals with the hiring, supervision, and staff development of special education staff, 504 Coordinators, and ESOL personnel.
  • Work collaboratively with Director of Student Services, building Principals and the Director of Human Resources to coordinate, manage and track paraprofessional allocation and placement.
  • Acquire, disseminate, and create information and resources for staff related to effective programs and practices in the education of students with disabilities.
  • Develop ongoing training and professional development opportunities for special education staff
  • Act as Local Education Agency (LEA) for IEP meetings to ensure compliance with special education procedures, supervision the provision of specially designed instruction, and allocation of resources
  • Monitor special education records to ensure accuracy, completeness, and implementation according to best practice, local policy and procedure, and state and federal regulations.
  • Perform other tasks and assume other responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.
  • Must comply with all SAU 70 District policy and building / department rules, procedures, practices and objectives.

This general outline illustrates the type of work, which characterizes the Job Classification. It is not an all-encompassing statement of the specific duties, responsibilities and qualifications of individual positions assigned to the classification.

  • Performance of duty responsibilities will be reviewed annually
  • Full-Time
  • Year Round
  • Exempt


Education and Experience:
  • Master's Degree in Special Education, or a related field
  • 3 or more years' experience in Special Education Coordination or Administration preferred
  • Special Education Teacher Certification (NH or VT); Administrator certification preferred

Necessary Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Knowledge of state and federal special education laws and procedures
  • Ability to evaluate instructional programs and teaching effectiveness
  • Ability to collaborate with state and local agencies and school districts
  • Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated ability to plan, direct, evaluate, control, and budget the activities of students, teachers, and other personnel in special education in the school district
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • Ability to remain calm in difficult situations.
  • Ability to successfully multi-task within role.
  • Ability to accurately and expeditiously type correspondence, reports and memoranda according to standard business practices.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with others, both in person, in writing, and by electronic means.
  • Ability to understand and follow policies, procedures and instructions, whether provided in writing, in person, or by electronic means.
  • Ability to operate a personal computer using standard or customized software applications appropriate to the assigned tasks.

  • NH/VT Certification in General Special Education or related field


Primary Physical Requirements:

(Not, Rarely, Occasionally, or Frequently Required)

1. Lift up to 10 lbs:

Frequently required

2. Lift 11 to 25 lbs:

Occasionally required

3. Lift 25 to 50 lbs:

Rarely required

4. Lift over 50 lbs:

Not required

5. Carry up to 10 lbs:

Frequently required

6. Carry 11 to 25 lbs:

Rarely required

7. Carry 26 to 50 lbs:

Not required

8. Carry over 50 lbs:

Not required

9. Reach above shoulder height:

Occasionally required

10. Reach at shoulder height:

Occasionally required

11. Reach below shoulder height:

Occasionally required

12. Push/Pull:

Rarely required

Hand Manipulation:

(Not, Rarely, Occasionally, or Frequently Required)

1. Keyboarding:

Frequently required

2. Gross Manipulation:

Frequently required

3. Fine Manipulation:

Frequently required

Other Physical Consideration:

(Not, Rarely, Occasionally, or Frequently Required)

1. Twisting:

Not required

2. Bending:

Occasionally required

3. Crawling:

Not required

4. Squatting:

Occasionally required

5. Kneeling:

Not required

6. Crouching:

Occasionally required

7. Climbing:

Not required

8. Balancing:

Rarely required

During the Work Day, Employee is Required to:

1. Sit:

up to 3 consecutive hours

2. Stand:

up to 3 consecutive hours

3. Walk:

up to 1 consecutive hour

Cognitive and Sensory Requirement(s):

Effectively exchange and receive information and instructions, and respond to inquiries; Communicate with others; Observe students and staff to ensure safety

Work Environment: Inside: up to 100%

Outside: up to 20%

Work Surface(s): Office Desk, Office Chair

Carpeted floor, tile floor

Other Training, Skills and Experience Requirements:

Ability to work with staff, students, parents, and the community

Other Considerations and Requirements:

The physical demands of an employee in a Director of Student Services role are minimal. The employee is occasionally required to do some lifting. Employee is typically able to sit and stand as needed.

Applicants will be subjected to a criminal background check as required by state law.

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